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Photo Credit: Sophie Gamand Photography

 Age: 6 years

Sex: Male

Breed: Pit Bull

Weight: 62 lbs

Hey, I'm Kato! I'm super smart! I know how to sit, lay down, and even give high paws. I'm so sweet. I love to play and cuddle. I'm also super chill. I can't wait to meet you, my forever family.  Pick me! 


I've been in two separate foster homes! Here's what one of them said about me:

During Kato's overnight stay in our home he was the perfect gentlemen. When introduced to the apartment he was extremely excited to play with all of his new toys. He entertained himself for awhile with a bouncy ball, throwing it for himself and running after it, all the while with the biggest grin on his face. After his initial excitement passed I brought him into the bathroom to get him squeaky clean! Kato sat quietly while I scrubbed him down and when it was time for him to get dried off he couldn't get enough of the towel. He was feeling playful when he got out of his bath so we went for a walk outside. on his walk Kato stayed next to me, walking quietly, never pulling or stopping abruptly when he saw other dogs. After our walk, Kato sat down nicely while we ate dinner, he didn't jump or whine once! Later we relaxed on the couch and turned on a movie, Kato hoppped up and laid down next to me, where he stayed until the movie was done. We went for our last walk of the night and then got into bed. If you're looking for a big dog to snuggle with look no further! Kato slept the entire night curled up next to me in bed. 
Kato was an absolute treat to have in our home! He's such a goofball but in the most perfect way. Kato is the type of dog that would be perfect for a family. He's playful enough to be fun for children yet calm enough to be able to relax and lay down when necessary. It broke my heart to return Kato to the shelter after his stay, but I know that he will be adopted soon because he is too perfect to not be!


kato maddie Collage.jpg

Kato in a foster home.


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